RAJPUTANA :- Photograph of Sawai Ram Singh II.He ascended the throne of Jaipur in 1835 till the year 1880 after the death of his father Jai Singh III. He was 16 months old at the time of accession. Initially, a regent was appointed to him. The regency continued for 16 years until he turned 18.Ram Singh wanted to convert the city of Jaipur into a “second Calcutta” (present-day Kolkata. At that time, Calcutta was the capital of the British India). He built modern schools, colleges and gas lights in streets of Jaipur. Piped water supply was also introduced. He built the Ram Niwas Garden after being inspired by the Eden Gardens of Kolkata. He built the Jaipur Zoological Gardens as a counterpart of the Alipore Zoological Garden. The Calcutta Medical College found its Jaipurii counterpart in Mayo Hospital. He also constructed the Maharaja School for Girls in 1867 for the cause of women’s education.


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